10 Best Live Cricket Streaming Apps for Android

If you're the kind of person who likes to watch cricket online, then you'll definitely want to know how to find a good live streaming app. There are several options out there, some of which are much better than others. We've compiled a list of our favorite 10 best live cricket streaming apps so that you can get started right away!

10 Best Live Cricket Streaming Apps for Android


Hotstar is the most popular live cricket streaming app in India, with over 30 million downloads. It offers a huge library of movies, TV shows and sports events at no cost. You can also subscribe to Hotstar Premium for $5 per month or $10 per month if you want access to all content on the service.

Hotstar has a 7-day free trial that gives you full access to every feature in their app without having to pay anything. If you like what they offer, then sign up for their premium plan and enjoy watching all your favorite content without ads interrupting your enjoyment!


CricHD is one of the best live cricket streaming apps. It offers a lot of cricket matches to watch, so you won’t have any problems finding something to watch. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate, making it easy for you to find what you want. CricHD also has an excellent search feature that allows users to quickly find what they need by typing in keywords related to their favorite sport or team name (e.g., “India vs Sri Lanka”). It’s available for both Android and iOS devices; however, there are some features that are only available on Android devices such as live scores from various tournaments like IPL (Indian Premier League), ICC Champions Trophy etc., highlights videos from various series etc., broadcasting rights info about channels carrying these events live or delayed viewing rights information about channels showing them on-demand after completion of event(s).

SonyLIV Sports

SonyLIV is a popular live cricket streaming app. The app is free to use and has a good user interface. It also has a large library of cricket matches, which makes it convenient for users who want to watch their favorite teams play during the season.

The quality of streaming in SonyLIV is impressive considering how much money you pay per month when subscribing to one month or annual subscription plans (or even less if you buy just one match at full price).

Willow TV

Willow TV is a free live cricket streaming app for Android. It has both paid and free versions, but the free version is ad-supported. The paid version does not have any advertising and has access to all the content that's available on Willow TV.

The app offers coverage of domestic as well as international matches, including IPL (Indian Premier League) and Champions Trophy tournaments. It also provides coverage of international T20 leagues such as Pakistan Super League (PSL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) etc., besides other major tournaments like ICC World Cup India 2019 and England vs Pakistan ODI series this year!

Willow TV offers different languages such as Hindi/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu & Malayalam in addition to English subtitles if required by you at any given time while watching live cricket matches online via this app which means there will be no need for switching between languages during your favorite TV shows or movies anymore!

FlashScore Cricket App

FlashScore Cricket App is a free app that gives you the live cricket scores, ball by ball commentary and schedule. There are also plenty of other features such as live streaming in HD quality on mobile, tablet and desktop. You can even stream your favorite games on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


SuperSport is a South African sports channel, which has been broadcasting cricket since 1992. It broadcasts all major international tournaments and domestic matches from around the world, including ICC World T20 tournaments and Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. The channel also features daily news updates on its website as well as Facebook pages for each of its channels.

The dedicated cricket channel, SuperSport Cricket HD, offers live coverage of all major international matches played in South Africa. The feed includes commentary by commentators such as Sanjay Manjrekar and Ian Chappell; highlights packages; analysis pieces by experts like Harsha Bhogle; in-depth look at teams or players based on their previous performances; player profiles including statistics etc., so you can follow how your favorite team plays against other teams across various leagues throughout the world!

Sky Sports Cricket

Sky Sports Cricket is a paid app that provides live cricket matches online. There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users, and you can access it even if your connection drops out. The app also offers HD quality streams at all times, so you won't miss anything important while watching.

Sky Sports Cricket offers two types of subscriptions: one for seven days (Rs 99) and another for three months (Rs 499). These prices may vary according to the region where you live in India or abroad; however, we have listed them here for convenience sake!

365 Scores

365 Scores is a free app that's been around since 2016. It has a clean interface, so you can easily navigate through the app and find what you need to watch. If there are any live cricket match schedules in particular, this is where they'll be listed.

The news section offers up articles about recent events or happenings in the world of cricket as well as top stories from across various leagues and tournaments around the world—and even some old favorites from when we were growing up! The upcoming matches section provides links to upcoming games so you can stay on top of your favorite teams' schedule without having to keep track manually every time something happens later down the line (like if they play another team). And finally...the live streaming section! This includes both official streams like Hotstar but also unofficial ones such as TVChannels (which streams via Kodi).

Star Sports Live Cricket Score

Star Sports Live Cricket Score is a free app that lets you watch live cricket matches on your Android or iOS device. You can also watch previous matches from the same series, and even follow all of the latest news and updates regarding your favorite players. This app lets you stream all major leagues including IPL, Big Bash League (BBL) and T20 World Cup.

The interface of this application is extremely easy to use; just enter your network connection name, select what kind of sports coverage you want to see and hit play!


Cricbuzz is a sports app that has live cricket streaming and news, highlights and analysis. It also has a live scorecard, player database, fantasy league and more.

Hotstar, CricHD and SonyLIV are the most popular live cricket streaming apps.

Hotstar is a free app that offers a lot of content for its users to watch. The app has more than 100 channels on it and a large number of movies too. It also offers some paid subscriptions like Hotstar Premium which allows you to watch all the matches from India in HD quality along with some other options like subscription plans that offer access to exclusive content or premium features like live scores update as soon as they happen on TV screens around the world!


We hope this article has been helpful for you. Finding the best live cricket streaming apps is a tough job, but with these top ten we hope it will be a little easier for you. We have included some links at the end of the article so that you can find more information about each of these apps and how they work with your Android device.
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